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Things you like to do on vacation?

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What do you do on vacation that really feels like it is what vacation is all about? Notice I’m not asking you about your fantasy but about what things you do as tradition on vacation that signal to you that you are not just doing life as usual?

For me, it includes several things…most of which are in Maine

1. A walk in the woods in Maine

2. A walk in the woods where I find some edible berries to pick

3. Doing something on water (ocean or lake or river)

This week we did all of the above. Walked and found berries (blueberries, raspberries). Canoed for 10 miles on the Androscoggin River without seeing another soul. And today we rode the Bailey Island cruise from Portland to Bailey Island.

A good vacation. Too bad my city kids don’t love it as much as I do. They worried that whales might tip the boat, that bears or moose might attack, that rapids might overturn us (nothing that would even rise to a class 1 rapid). Maybe it didn’t help when I said there were man-eating fish in the river.


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Off for vacation, but first a question

Off for a week of vacation with family and friends. New England is calling. Hopefully, warm days and cool nights. You know, those days where you start out with a sweatshirt and shorts.

Going north plus a series on the radio about summer jobs reminds me of my 2 summers of making lobster traps in Maine. Sound romantic? It wasn’t. It was hard, dirty work. It did, however, help remind me why I wanted to use my brain for my work rather than my brawn.

How about you. Did you have a summer job that shaped you? A crazy summer job that you would like to forget?


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The waves never stop

Travelled Sunday afternoon to Ocean City, NJ. Waves were wonderful. Big enough to ride and look menacing when floating but not so big as to hurt. I rode them for a good 2 hours straight before the life guards called us out at the end of the day. Earlier, even when I thought I should probably get out the next wave beckoned me stay and ride.

Reminded me of a line in NT Wright’s book on evil. We like the beach because it lets us see the power of the ocean without having to feel it’s true strength. Something like that.

It is interesting that the wayves stay with you after you leave the beach. Ever had that feeling that you are still in the waves when lying down afterwards? I did. Reminded me that emotional waves experienced for a long time do that to a person as well. The situation is over but you still feel like you are in it.

See you later, I’ve got to go catch some more waves.

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