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On this page you can find some of my public presentations. If you find them helpful, let me know. If you would like to use them in your own presentations or publications, please cite your source and let me know how you plan on using them.

Title Year Note
Abuse in the Church 2012 Slides; AACC National Conf. Breakout Session
Counseling Leaders Dealing with Abuse in the Church 2012 Slides; AACC National Conf. Pre-Conference Session
Abuse In The Church 2012 2 Plenary and 2 breakout presentations
New Advances Complex Trauma w/ Diane Langberg 2012 American Bible Society Community of Practice presentation
Abuse in the Church? Restorative Justice? 2012 2 Presentations at PCA Mercy Conference
Facing Ministry Challenges 2011 PPT Slides; Presentation to pastors
Healing Trauma in International Settings with   Carol King 2011 PPT Slides: AACC World Conference Presentation
Ministering to Friends Struggling with Depression 2010 Mp3 audio; class at Westerly Road Church
God as Healer: A Closer Look at   Biblical Images of Inner Healing 2009 Peer-reviewed article, published in JPT; link to purchase site
Sexual Dysfunctions 2009 PPT Slides; CCEF Annual Conference
Sex Therapy Survey 2009 Assessment tool; accompanies CCEF presentation
Engaging Biblical Texts in Trauma Therapy 2009 PPT Slides; AACC World Conference Presentation
Pastoral Sexual Abuse w/ Diane Langberg 2009 PPT Slides; AACC World Conference Pre-Conference Presentation
Pastoral Abuse Treatment Decision Tree 2009 Accompanies above presentation
Be Anxious for Nothing? 2009 PPT Slides; Macedonia Baptist Church seminar
What Seminary Didn’t Teach Me with Philip G. Ryken 2009 PPT Slides; Plenary address, Pastoral Health Conference
Sexual Addictions 2009 PPT Slides; Macedonia Baptist Church seminar
Abuse in the Church: A Collaborative Model for Clinicians and Church Leaders 2008 PPT Slides; Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Counseling Strategies for Addictions  *FREE AUDIO (link to* 2008 PPT Slides and audio link; CCEF Annual Conference
Needs of Ministry Leaders 2008 Draft literature   review
Guidelines for the Effective Use of the Bible in   Counseling 2008 Published article, Edification, 2:2; link to PDF
Guidelines for the Effective Use of the Bible in   Counseling 2007 Draft of above article
Repairing Broken   Relationships 2007 Slides
Be Anxious For   Nothing? 2007 Slides
Teaching the   History of Christian-Psychology 2007 PPT Slides; CAPS conference
Distorted Sex:   Providing Mercy to Sexual Strugglers 2007 PPT Slides; PCA Mercy Conf.
Restoration   & Repentance: How God Restores Broken & Sinful People 2007 PPT Slides; PCA Mercy Conf.
Biblical counseling in the 21st   Century: A review 2007 PPT Slides; NBCA conference
Working with   Churches that are Dealing with An Abuser: A Model in Progress ( w/ Diane Langberg) 2007 PPT Slides; AACC World Conference presentation
Abusers and True Repentance 2006 PDF of article first appearing in Christian   Counseling Today, 13:3
Theological Analysis of Theophostic Ministry Article 2003 Link to full text article in Trinity   Journal

12 responses to “Articles, Slides, Etc.

  1. Nikki

    I just want to know if you can recommend christian books to help support family members with mental illness and encourage them to get help? My mother in law is mentally ill and I need to know how to support her and the only son who has been a victim of abuse and ridicule as a child.

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  3. Alicia

    Hi, I really appreciated your PPT slides for Be anxious for nothing? and was curious if there’s a mp3 that would go with it. Thanks

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  5. Maryl Smith

    I am teaching in a midwifery Conference for Midwives Alliance of North America next week and a few of your slides do a great job of simplifying responses to trauma survivors in a way that is attainable. May I use them with attributions and may I change any wording, when needed, to be more specific to health care providers that I am addressing? do you want attribution on each slide or in the Bibliography?
    Maryl Smith CPM, LDM

    • Great! Give fair attribution in your eyes, and that will be fine. Would love to see how your slides just to learn about your context. Thanks for asking.

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  7. Phil,
    Thank you for generously posting these wonderful resources. I have referred multiple people to your website to review your work. I am going to be making your journal article and PPT on applying Scripture in counseling required reading for people who come through our program. If there is anything I need to do other than refer them to this public website let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks for your thoughtful articulation of a biblical-theological framework to apply the gospel through an appropriate use of Scripture. Blessings to you.


    • Thank you Daniel for asking and for the kind words. You need to do nothing else. Only if you wish to republish would you need permission. Blessings on your teaching.

  8. Emmanuel Biracyaza

    Dear Philip,
    I am reading all the articles and slides you posted here, but I have appreciated two of them that I have already finished reading:
    1) Repairing broken relationship: These slides are very important in our life. In most of the countries, societies and particularly families there is broken relation. For example; The domestic and sexual violence are the factors justifying the broken relationships among wife, husband and children. Their relationship in most of the communities, such as in my country, need to be repaired. But in belief, as you said it, God restore this relationship! This will be possible when we love each other as God loves us.
    2) Sex Therapy Assessment Questionnaire: This questionnaire is the wonderful contribution in solving the sexual problems. For example; there are some addicted people in sexual behaviors, there are prostitutes in many societies and some of people are doing sexuality in the ways God doesn’t want such the homosexuality (sexual orientation), masturbation, and other sexual behaviors. Really, these addicted people and other kind of addictions like drugs addicted need the counseling to promote their mental well being. This is because such of these addictions lead to sexual dysfunctions and have some other biopsychosociodynamic impacts on their health.
    NB.: If you have some videos of these articles and PPT (such as sexuality therapy, Being anxious for nothing, and repairing broken relationship you may share them with us.

    I thank you so much and wish you the blessings!


  9. Heather Simmonds

    Hello, I am not sure how to contact you, so hopefully this will do. I am looking for a copy of your article “Conversations with Biblical Counseling” published in the “Journal of Counseling and Discipleship” 1:3 in 2008. If you know where I could find a copy of this article, I would really appreciate it.

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