Global Trauma Recovery Institute

Trauma is the missional field of the 21st century — Dr. Diane Langberg


Founded by myself and Dr. Langberg.

Global Trauma Recovery Institute, a missional initiative of Missio Seminary, exists to improve trauma recovery efforts around the world. We do so through postgraduate coursework for professionals and lay leaders, consultations and curriculum development for nongovernmental organizations, and caregiver seminars in a variety of locations around the world.

Check us out and watch the short introductory video

One response to “Global Trauma Recovery Institute

  1. Dear Phil,
    I only just saw that you mentioned my name in a Blog en putted a link to the vimeo movie. Thank you for your recognition and your attention. Probably Diane Langberg gave it to you to read.
    It has been published now, so that it can be read easily, with the pictures and some extra notes. And an introduction.

    If you would like to put a link on your Website, it could be helpfull for traumatized persons.

    Sincerly yours, in Christ,
    Egbert Brink, ThD

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