Things you like to do on vacation?

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What do you do on vacation that really feels like it is what vacation is all about? Notice I’m not asking you about your fantasy but about what things you do as tradition on vacation that signal to you that you are not just doing life as usual?

For me, it includes several things…most of which are in Maine

1. A walk in the woods in Maine

2. A walk in the woods where I find some edible berries to pick

3. Doing something on water (ocean or lake or river)

This week we did all of the above. Walked and found berries (blueberries, raspberries). Canoed for 10 miles on the Androscoggin River without seeing another soul. And today we rode the Bailey Island cruise from Portland to Bailey Island.

A good vacation. Too bad my city kids don’t love it as much as I do. They worried that whales might tip the boat, that bears or moose might attack, that rapids might overturn us (nothing that would even rise to a class 1 rapid). Maybe it didn’t help when I said there were man-eating fish in the river.


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4 responses to “Things you like to do on vacation?

  1. Bet

    I like for water to be involved, too. Preferably water we can kayak in.
    It’s important for me to not have to plan, shop for, cook, or clean up after meals. If I have to do that, I’m not really on vacation. And I like a lot of time to read. In the shade. Near water.

  2. Vacation…..I know not of what you speak of….what is this thing you talk about….vacation…?

  3. Penny

    1. Sleeping whenever I feel like it and not feeling as if I should be productive
    2. Reading whatever I want, and not feeling as if I should be finding some use for it.
    3. Eating whatever I want, and not feeling I should restrict
    4. Watching the dolphins swim by
    5. Not consulting the clock to determine what happens next.
    6. Being with my spouse who is my best friend

  4. Scott Knapp

    Walking in the woods in Maine reminds me of a lengthy read I enjoyed a few years back by Henry David Thoreau, “The Maine Woods.” That was sort of a virtual vacation taken in half-hour reading stints every few days.

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