Off for vacation, but first a question

Off for a week of vacation with family and friends. New England is calling. Hopefully, warm days and cool nights. You know, those days where you start out with a sweatshirt and shorts.

Going north plus a series on the radio about summer jobs reminds me of my 2 summers of making lobster traps in Maine. Sound romantic? It wasn’t. It was hard, dirty work. It did, however, help remind me why I wanted to use my brain for my work rather than my brawn.

How about you. Did you have a summer job that shaped you? A crazy summer job that you would like to forget?


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5 responses to “Off for vacation, but first a question

  1. Nostalgia is calling…it was the summer of ’85 and my father just passed away and my mother was left with four girls in college all at the same time. I took a part-time job as a cashier in a food court popping gourmet popcorn to help offset our college expenses. By the way, caramel and cheese popcorn is a splendid mix of salt and sweet …but I digress…
    Little did I know, that summer gig would open a door to a lucrative marketing position that would afford me the opportunity to travel on private jets, limousines and meet and greet some of the most famous celebrities and athletes and experience the “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!”
    So I suppose the moral of the story is don’t despise humble beginnings…

  2. Penny

    Collating MLS brochures for HOURS at a collating machine. Total mindless work that seemed to make 8 hours feel like 15. I couldn’t wait to go back to school. I also had a stint with McDonalds….

  3. rob

    hospital porter. first jobs of each day taking out the bags of soiled sheets from overnight, and the occasional dead body… however otherwise enjoyable and learnt a lot about how hospitals work 😉

  4. Scott Knapp

    Working front-line with troubled kids certainly made me want to become a therapist…no more physical restraints, holidays off, etc.

  5. Great topic! My summer job in college was at the Circle Line, the sightseeing boats that go around Manhattan. Talk about nostalgia! That was more than 35 years ago. And it had an unending impact on my life.

    I worked in the office, answering phones. Except for the year round employees, we were all young and we had a blast working there. But we especially had fun after work, going to our favorite spots in the city, closing them down, hitting someone’s apartment for a few hours and then back to work, where we started the cycle all over again.

    Flirting was the main occupation and I eventually set on a charming, funny, smart, handsome Irishman. The charm faded as I discovered he was also an abusive alcoholic. By that time we had four children and were struggling through a toxic marriage.

    He died suddenly when he was 40, I was 39 and our kids were 6 through 16. Such a waste, so incredibly sad. But I have held on to much bitterness over what I, what we, endured when he was drinking.

    Recently I connected with someone we worked with in those days. The first thing he said to me: “D. fell head over heels for you the minute he saw you. He adored you.”

    Now he tells me! That made me weep, for all our lost opportunities and for the young and hopeful people we all were those summers in the 1970’s in New York City.

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