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Anxiety tempts us to…

On Sunday our pastor preached from Luke 12:13-34 about end of year anxieties. I got to reading the whole passage and noticed some interesting tidbits in the larger passage of chapter 12.

Anxiety leads us to make several kinds of responses.

1. Legalism and getting religion just right (12:1-4)
2. Covering up/hiding (12:2)
3. Obsessing over our words. Did we say it just right? (12:11)
4. Demanding fairness (12:13f)
5. Hoarding (12:16f); not caring for the poor.
6. Worry about tomorrow’s daily bread; desire to control (12:22f)

Do these fit your temptations when you are anxious? Tomorrow I’ll post on some thoughts from the passage as to what we might do instead.

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