CCEF’s Annual Conference Topic: Anxiety

Starting Friday, CCEF is running its annual conference in Valley Forge, PA. You can click this linkto register or view speakers and breakouts. Several look pretty good. The keynote is by Ed Welch who is releasing his new book on the topic (free to conference registrants). By the way, his picture is on the page link above. Do you think it looks likes he’s trying to scare little children with that attack position? I’ll be there manning the Biblical Seminary booth and possibly live-blogging if the Wi-Fi is free as it was last year. If you are going to be there, come by and say hello.


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6 responses to “CCEF’s Annual Conference Topic: Anxiety

  1. This looks great. I look forward to hearing more…

  2. I think he is saying, ” I will teach you a thing or two about fear as I wrap my hands around your neck!” In all seriousness, I love Ed. I had him for Problems and Procedures and learned a lot from him. I wish I could go 😦


  3. Looking forward to meeting you in person! I’ll stop by your booth.

  4. PSmith

    I think Ed looks like he’s preparing to catch a basketball. :o)

  5. Hope you are able to live blog from there – sounds interesting. 🙂

  6. judi lemay-lusk

    rats… i wish i had read this before i went. i was there, from thursday to sunday.. would have been glad to fetch you a cup of coffee…sorry i missed you

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