Help for nightmare sufferers?

Dreams hold much mystery as to the whys and wherefores. And yet many people suffer from frequent nightmares. The brain keeps processing our anxiety, discouragement, stress and it shows up in strange and repetitive nightmares. The more emotional or physical pain, the more likely you’ll have a nightmare.

But here’s something interesting. A study was done in Germany that found that dreaming sleepers subjected to the smell of rotten eggs had more nightmares than those subjected to the smell of roses.

I wonder if those who suffer frequent nightmares might find benefit from aroma therapy while they sleep. If it really worked outside the lab, it would be cheaper and probably less side-effects than medications. Just don’t use candles…

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  1. I recommend Phelps, Forbes, & Creamer’s (2008) Understanding posttraumatic nightmares: An empirical and conceptual review from Clinical Psychology Review. I’m working at a military treatment facility and we’re also seeing some success with image rehearsal therapy.

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