My apologies to Coffee-mate

Last Spring I revealed the seeming paint properties of coffee-mate. You can read about it here. For months, the splatter drops on my driveway remained strong despite the weather elements and direct spray from a hose. Now a new and seemingly permanent splatter makes me question whether I unfairly singled out this product. This week, my youngest splattered Silk Vanilla Soy Milk drops on the driveway as he took the recycling out to the bin. After 24 hours of flooding rain, the drops are just as bright and visible. Hmmmm.

So today I am experimenting. I am going to splatter 2% milk drops on my driveway and I will report back to you whether those drops last as long as the soy drops. If not, I would like to know what ingredient in the soy milk and coffee-mate accounts for the paint-like quality.


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2 responses to “My apologies to Coffee-mate

  1. Ron

    It’s so nice to see the scientific method at work: everyday events spurring the curious to wonder and experimentation. Galileo and the pendulum; Newton and the apple; Phil and the coffee-lighteners. Prepare to take your place in history, Phil.

  2. this truly made me laugh.. and im an avid coffee drinker and fan of shelleymcoffeehouse

    truly has spirit here ~:)

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