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Video: Making the Church a Safe Place for Trauma Recovery

In October I represented Biblical Seminary’s Global Trauma Recovery Institute at a conference co-hosted by the World Reformed Fellowship and North West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa. Previously I posted the accompanying slides here. Now, WRF has made available the video for this presentation. Presentation runs about 30 minutes plus a Q and A at the end with another speaker.

Main objectives of the video?

  • Understand the experience of psychosocial trauma
  • Make the church a safer place for those who have been traumatized

Link to video here.

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Mission to Worship: How Preventing Abuse Fits in the Mission of the Church

I will be part of the speaker panel at a conference entitled: Mission to Worship: With Heart, Hands, Voices, October 16-19, 2013. The catch is (for my N. American readers)…it is in South Africa! The conference is sponsored by North-West University theology faculty and the World Reformed Fellowship. I and Diane Langberg will be doing both plenary and breakout sessions on the topic of trauma counseling and the matter of responding well to abuse allegations in the church. There are other tracks so check the schedule for those topics.

It is exciting to see a theology department, seminary, and Reformed para-church organization take on the matter of sexual abuse and trafficking. Should be an exciting time.


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