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Getting confirmation on global trauma recovery plans

Since January I have been trying to articulate the best practices in doing trauma recovery or trauma healing work in international settings. The foundation of this approach to trauma recovery is, (a) Listen first to the needs, resources, and concerns of a community(b) identify local leaders who can be trained to be the primary trauma recovery workers (rather than outsiders being the primary clinicians), (c) tailoring interventions to the needs of  the community, and (c) above all…do no harm by over-promising, under-delivering, etc.

Today, I opened up my most recent American Psychologist (66:6, September 2011) and found my thinking confirmed in Watson, Brymer, and Bonanno’s Postdisaster Psychological Intervention since 9/11 (see citation at the bottom of the page). On page 485 they list what experts consider an appropriate steps to take in postdisaster behavioral health interventions. Now, most of you don’t probably get excited about research articles like this but I can tell you I did. Here’s the chart (click to see a larger image)

It is nice to find confirmation for something I was thinking but hadn’t read elsewhere.

From: Watson, P. J., Brymer, M. J., & Bonanno, G. A. (2011). Postdisaster psychological intervention since 9/11. American Psychologist, 66(6), 482-494. doi:10.1037/a0024806

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