Take this psychological test…

Okay, I have testing and assessment on the brain as I am preparing for a course on the topic. I forgot my lunch today and so went to find some paltry substitute from the candy vending machine. I looked over my choices and noticed one item was hanging and just about to fall. If I chose that item I just might get two items for the price of one. Clearly, someone had chosen the item but didn’t get what they paid for. But I was now in the position of deciding whether I would take my chances and benefit from the sad situation of some previous vending user. So, here are two forced choice personality questions for you (no, you can’t choose, it depends!):

1. Would you buy an item in order to get a “2 for 1” deal even if the item wasn’t what you would usually buy. Yes or No?

2. Would you select an item where a “2 for 1” deal was possible solely for the thrill/challenge of the risk involved? Yes or No? 

As for me? I’m more inclined to answer yes for #2 because of the challenge. But, I’m not really a gambler and when it comes to food, some things are much more important than deals. The item in question was beef jerky. I’m sorry, that isn’t food. Who eats that stuff? Now, maybe if it was a chocolate bar I don’t normally eat…


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6 responses to “Take this psychological test…

  1. yes and yes, but I would then give them away.
    and oh yeah, LOVE Beef jerky!

  2. Bob

    1 – yes I have. My grandmother use to buy baby food because it was on sale, she had a coupon, and you never know when you might need it. Even though her youngest grandchild was in their 20’s.
    2 – yes I have, but it wasn’t beef jerky. It was chocolate and I lost. I didn’t get anything. Stupid vending machines.

  3. I polled my two sons. My eldest, 9 years old, said in an angelic voice. “No, Dad, I wouldn’t do that. Well, maybe I would but then I would go give it back to the person who owns the vending machine. Or, I would give it to you.” Ah, such sweetness.

    Then I told him it was beef jerky. Ick was his answer. Bob, by the way, I gambled one time and didn’t get anything either.

  4. Ron

    For 1.50 worth of beef jerky for only 75 cents, well, maybe I would try it (but then, I also am well able to shake the vending machine, and have done so). But I’d do it because I happen to like beef jerky. If I wanted food, I wouldn’t look at the vending machine.

  5. judi lemay-lusk

    well i would say no to the first one (if it’s not what i usually buy, then i propably won’t buy it if it’s 2 for 1). but possibly yes to number two. i know ron loves beef jerky so he would definitely give it a go, but i’m with you, phil, it’s not food.
    i’m convinced that vending machines, along with misquitos and slugs, are a result of the fall…

    aren’t you glad you asked???

  6. Dinah

    I would choose 2, sort of….
    Personally, I would look around the machine, and if there was something above the item that I wanted then I would pay that and go for the luck that it would hit the other item and that would drop too.

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