Spiritual Abuse and Toxic Systems: Therapeutic and Congregational Interventions

Today Dr. Diane Langberg and I will be presenting Spiritual Abuse and Toxic Systems in a 3 hour pre-conference seminar at the 2017 AACC World Conference. Take a look if you like.


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2 responses to “Spiritual Abuse and Toxic Systems: Therapeutic and Congregational Interventions

  1. Dianne White

    I wish I could be there this year. But grad-school has me busy. Blessings and prayers to both of you as you present.

  2. Karen

    I just listened to this workshop from the conference yesterday. It was incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, it did nothing to ease my concerns about the church I have considered home my whole life. They no longer associate with me for an “unbiblical divorce” from an abuser. That was the event that revealed a deeply unhealthy system so clearly described by you. I haven’t turned over any tables but I refuse to “sit down and shut up” or actually just leave and don’t speak a word of truth on your way out. Once we targets that love the Lord and the Body find our voice and some healing, we can be rather pesky. My heart is broken watching evil be covered and others daring to speak truth be run off.

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