How Does God See the World?

My church is running a Sunday School class on missionary activity around the world. 2 weeks ago, the class watched a video about church planting in the countries of Liberia and surrounding countries and this week, I and another couple presented some information about activities in both West (computer training) and East Africa (trauma recovery through scripture engagement).

The leader of the class, Kurt Wood, brought in a map that was drawn by population size rather than geography. He made an off-hand comment that maybe this was a bit closer to how God sees the world, a focus on the people rather than geographical or political boundaries.

What do you think? Check out this link for another example of a population driven map of the world. Which countries are surprisingly large? Small? In Africa, you see that tiny Rwanda is population dense and Nigeria is huge.

I think it is a helpful reminder even if my country of birth is nothing more than a tiny bit of color on top of the USA. There are a number of other population driven maps that can be found on google images.


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3 responses to “How Does God See the World?

  1. So odd that you posted this today. Just a few days ago a facebook friend posted a video clip from The West Wing that featured the Gall–Peters Projection Map. I spent probably 30 minutes reading about the different maps. My kids are too little now (we are still working on reading). But, I hope I remember to teach this when we get to geography.

  2. It’s not clear how to interpret the featured map. There was no clear key indicating the significance of the representational colours. Perhaps you could follow up with a clarification inasmuch as the premise of the article is compelling.

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