Conference Announcement for the Society of Christian Psychology

One of the things I love about the Society for Christian Psychology is the diversity of professionals in the  membership. We have biblical counselors, clinical psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and theologians. And starting this year, we have two different conferences, one for counselors and one for academics. I would like one that caters to both but this is still good. Anyway, the next academic conference (focusing on human agency) is next September 17-18 at Southern Seminary. For more info on the presenters, their paper topics and conference details, click here: 2010 Conference announcement titles


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2 responses to “Conference Announcement for the Society of Christian Psychology

  1. Lucille

    Does this society only for biblical counselors or does it also include Christian counselors?

    • Lucille, the society has all sorts of counselors and related folk as part of it. There are philosophers and theologians, psychologists, biblical counselors. You name it we got it. The emphasis is building a distinctly christian foundation and practice (rather than merely christianizing secular theories and practice).

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