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How Does God See the World?

My church is running a Sunday School class on missionary activity around the world. 2 weeks ago, the class watched a video about church planting in the countries of Liberia and surrounding countries and this week, I and another couple presented some information about activities in both West (computer training) and East Africa (trauma recovery through scripture engagement).

The leader of the class, Kurt Wood, brought in a map that was drawn by population size rather than geography. He made an off-hand comment that maybe this was a bit closer to how God sees the world, a focus on the people rather than geographical or political boundaries.

What do you think? Check out this link for another example of a population driven map of the world. Which countries are surprisingly large? Small? In Africa, you see that tiny Rwanda is population dense and Nigeria is huge.

I think it is a helpful reminder even if my country of birth is nothing more than a tiny bit of color on top of the USA. There are a number of other population driven maps that can be found on google images.


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