Sex Offender Residential Treatment Programs?

After I posted earlier this week about resources for the church to use in caring for sex offenders in the congregation, I got a call asking if I knew of any residential sex offender treatment programs for those having been convicted of a sex crime.

Let me pose this question to readers:

1. Do you know of any quality residential offender treatment programs for post incarceration? Programs would need to accept voluntary admission clients.

2. Do you know of any Christian versions?

Most Christian programs focus on sexual addictions and all that I know of do not accept individuals with felony convictions (usually due to zoning restrictions set up by the community).


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17 responses to “Sex Offender Residential Treatment Programs?

  1. Ryan

    I had an offender in our church who’s parole officer was my best resource. She provided excellent info and more useful were names of local counselors (one was a Christian) who help with the offenders. No treatment programs though outside jail system though. If you wanted those names please email me- I’m in Cleveland, OH.

    • Apryl Bailey

      Hi Ryan,
      I hope you receive this e-mail, I need help with getting a sexual offender counselor. This is a matter of urgency for a close family member in Cleveland, OH. Please help if you can.

      Thank you,
      Apryl Bailey

  2. Nick

    I would be willing to talk with you about this, specifically a year long program. Feel free to email and I’ll send you my cell #.

    • Jacob Dillon


      I’m working with a client who is a level 3 sex offender. I’m trying to find him housing but am running into major barriers with his restrictions. I’m looking for a tx program or some type of living facility located in New York City.
      Thank you.

    • Kenneth Deaver

      Nick, I am one looking for a Christian half-way house or residential program
      for a 26 year old man being released in December from 2 years total incarceration for a sex offense that involved his 4 year old sister aout 4 years ago. I am in the Harrisburg,PA area and work with inmates and parolees on an individual basis as a ministry.

      • Have you located anything yet? I work in the field and struggle to help these individuals.

      • Kenneth Deaver

        I After an ex-inmate friend pointed me to him, I contacted Rev. John Rush, Director of The New Person Center, 317 N. 6th Street., Reading PA 19601. His is a three month program for which an individual is asked to pay a one time entry fee of 300.00 and 100.00 per week. The fellow I was trying to help has no resources except the help his great uncle, a retired laborer is willing to give him. He found a rooming house which he thinks will cost 70.00 a week.

        Thanks for asking.

        Ken Deaver

    • Kenneth S. Deaver

      Do you have suggestions about LOCATING such a program? I too am seeking this for a young man who will be on Megans Law in Pennsylvania. So far I come up with nothing.

    • autumn

      I saw your post on in 2011. Will you please give me any information you might have about Christian treatment programs/counseling for sex offenders? Thank you.

  3. Sarah Nigeria

    Ex offenders are not allowed to live no where all they have paid there debt in prison for their quote “acts” Often times due to date rape situations not proven in court but pleaded out. Sit a few days in court to observe for self. They are not allowed to qualify for affordable housing, live with family or buy homes in order to live comfortably, even though they pay taxes and into system. The legal system says that all criminals are not to be subjected to double jeopardy, but in all aspects of life I witness that ex- sex offenders are scrutinized to the highest, more than mass murderers and those who kill their own of family members, which they have love for, supposedly. Some may feel this is right, No, all humans should be given second chances, by a demonstration of productive and changed social lives.Unfortunately, until it happens directly to people they tend to be prejudice against certain acts. Sign Injustice

    • I am agents sex a fenders because the are taking away the innasence of our children, they don’t deserve a second chance unless they are children themselves, they don’t understand what they have done they are victims themselves and they may be able to be reabillitated.

  4. george

    my best friend was just sentenced for the second time and now has 10 years. Are there any residential treatment centers as I want the best help we can give him vs. prison

  5. Randi

    I need help in locating a residential program for a sex offender who will be released from prison in Feb.,2012.

  6. Randi

    Sorry, wrong date. Feb. 2013

  7. I would like to know where this place is located if you are in new York?

  8. J

    Did you ever find answers to your questions? We are searching for the same answers.

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