CCEF Conference slides now up

Check on my “Slides, Articles, etc.” page for slides of my talk, “Counseling Strategies for Individuals Struggling with Addictions.” The slides are in PPT format and are the last entry (#10) on the page.


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4 responses to “CCEF Conference slides now up

  1. Pam Elmore

    Thank you for generously sharing, Phil — what a helpful resource!

  2. Karen Schoch

    Thanks for posting these slides! I was sitting on the floor in the back and I can’t remember what suds stands for….
    SUDS = sudden unexpected desires?
    Really practical helpful talk. A nice framwork for a house built on the biblical foundation.

  3. SUDS= Seemingly Unimportant Decisions. Those “innocent” things we do that put us closer and closer to indulging. Surfing the web aimlessly when we have a porn habit. Watching TV for hours which leads to guilt and overeating, etc.

    Karen, thanks for your prayers before each talk. They were calming. Just think how fast I would have gone without God’s help!

  4. Awesome talk! Thanks for the work you put into this. I am planning on linking to this on the Covenant Eyes blog as well.

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