When are fall leaves the brightest?

My perception is that a rainy, dark fall day like today makes the yellow leaves seem twice as bright as on a sunny day. The darkness of the day allows for us to take note of how the leaves are so beautiful.

I suspect this is true in life as well. When we are going through a dark time, an acquaintance we deem peripheral may begin to shine.


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5 responses to “When are fall leaves the brightest?

  1. Dad

    You are right. I have noticed that dark rainy days seem to make the colors brighter. However, early morning and late afternoon when the sun’s rays are horizontal makes the colors seem brighter. Not sure if there is a good application of that though.

  2. Brooke

    That is beautiful…….

  3. Matt

    “A dark hour makes Jesus bright.”
    -Robert Murray M’Cheyne

  4. Jess

    Very beautiful thought. I wrote a poem when I was in middle school and the only line of it that I can remember now is, “The stars shine brightest on the darkest nights.”

  5. We moved from Virginia to Florida 12 years ago for my husband to go to Seminary. I really miss Virginia. I continue to get question as to why? Isn’t this Paradise?

    Well in a way. But I sure miss those cool rainy days, the gray days of Winter .. those are the days that make you appreciate the bright days of spring.

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