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When are fall leaves the brightest?

My perception is that a rainy, dark fall day like today makes the yellow leaves seem twice as bright as on a sunny day. The darkness of the day allows for us to take note of how the leaves are so beautiful.

I suspect this is true in life as well. When we are going through a dark time, an acquaintance we deem peripheral may begin to shine.


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Drinking in color

It’s mid-November and the leaves here in Philadelphia are about the best I’ve ever seen. Late for sure, but quite good. This past weekend I got to walk on a quiet country road just south of Peace Valley Park. Its about the closest I can get to Vermont scene I grew up with. Despite the rain, the leaves were just about perfect–Maples with red-tipped leaves and hints of orange and green. The dark sky and tree trunks enhanced the brightness of the leaves.

A feast for my eyes.

Despite the 35 degrees, the color warmed me. While I do like the vistas to see many trees at one time, looking at a single colorful tree in a dark wood is even more appealing. And then my thoughts turned to God’s creative genius to create hardwoods that turn these colors for the purpose of giving me joy (Not too egocentric, huh?).

Did you ever think of that? What things has God placed around you that are there for the only purpose of giving you pleasure? A dog or cat? A tree? A fast moving brook?


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Last tomato, first frost, and second WS win

Yesterday, October 28, saw the coming together of several good things that epitomize Fall for me. I got one last ripe tomato off my dying vines, my son and I saw a 6 point buck at close range on a bike ride, we got our first frost of the year finally (I love fall but I also loved not turning on my heat ’til last night), and the Red Sox swept the Rockies. Perfect!

But I must say I’m glad the World Series is over. And here’s 3 reasons why:

3. No more late nights and groggy mornings. I’m sorry I couldn’t share any of the games with my kids. How do you pass on a tradition where the games don’t end before midnight? Crazy!

2. I don’t have to see another Taco Bell or woman running into a car commercial. Annoying!

1. Of course, the number one reason is that my childhood favorite team won and the Yankees didn’t. And the Sox won with the help of the kids and not the stars. Even better.

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