Must read: “The Other Cup” by Ray Dillard

Folks, it is “Good Friday” and if you are wondering why it is called good, you ought to read this sermonby the late Ray Dillard. CCEF offers it up for free on their homepage. If someone knows how to get a recording of it, that would be the only better option. I was present when he preached this quite a number of years ago. It is, by far, the best “Good Friday” sermon I ever heard. The cup of wrath is well-known to Christians everywhere. But there is another cup…

Ray Dillard was professor of OT at Westminster during my tenure and one of my favorites.


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2 responses to “Must read: “The Other Cup” by Ray Dillard

  1. Hi! I’m the webmaster for CCEF. Thanks for posting this. I benefited from some of Professor Dillard’s students who taught me when I was at WTS. They very often spoke fondly of him.

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