Wildlife in suburbia

On Halloween I took the family to the suburban cemetery woods to look for deer. Spotted 7 or so, including a 4 pt. buck. The youngest was afraid of being head-butted by a deer. I told him none would get that close to us.

Well, I was wrong about how close. After going down one trail, we decided to turn around. 30 seconds after turning around I spot a deer trailing us. We froze and the deer kept coming, eating yellow leaves as she picked her way closer. She clearly saw us but was intrigued. My 10 year old held up a yellow leaf to see if she’d come all the way. She got within 8 feet and then sauntered off in another direction. Later when we were returning to the car, we ran into her again (her face had a pretty unique marking near the mouth). Again, she wasn’t particularly concerned about our presence. Maybe others nearby feed her?

On Sunday, I returned to the trails to take my eldest and his friend. They got to see several deer but also as we were driving away, we saw a statuesque red fox observing us and the deer nearby.

For the suburbs, the kids see way more wildlife here than I did growing up in Vermont. There are some benefits to suburban sprawl (at least to us humans interested in seeing the wildlife). In the last week they have seen wild rabbits, ground hogs, fox, deer, and an opossum.


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4 responses to “Wildlife in suburbia

  1. Lana

    Phil: Well, I’ll have to share this story with my son. He’ll like it. Our cemetery only holds birds, rabbits, and foxes – which he is not too keen on. His cat however, has caught several shrews and birds. My youngest has been feeding the squirrels.

  2. jacqueline

    I can add to your wildlife stories as well: Last Friday morning I was awakened by my husband hollering and banging on the side of the house @ 6:30……….after realizing he wasn’t sounding too distressed I pulled on my robe and trotted down the stairs with one eye barely open to find him precariously hanging out the sliding glass door shouting at not one but two young bears, one of which had decided to overturn our nearly full 96 gallon garbage can to rummage for some ?porridge?……….while his buddy was sauntering right past the door oblivious to the commotion !!! After a good laugh they went back up into the woods………..Jay cleaned up the garbage…….

  3. Jacqueline,

    I’m jealous of your 6 acres. And bears! My poor kids would never leave the house. Hope you guys got some good pictures.

    I don’t think you qualify for suburbia…

  4. Lana,

    I should know what a shrew is but don’t. Something like a mole?


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