Radio Disney?

My soon to be 10 year old found Radio Disney on the AM dial and now each morning I am greeted with vocals from Miley Cyrus and other teeny-bopper music. I think they have about 10 songs they play over and over and over…

So, now I have to start that habit that Paul Tripp used to talk about: listening to the music my son listens to and engaging him in dicussion about the lyrics. I’d prefer to ban it because it seems to be all about romance and never forgetting someone who makes you swoon. But, better to engage and not try to control. Right?


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3 responses to “Radio Disney?

  1. Who wouldn’t want to hear Miley Cyrus and the cast of “High School Musical” singing every morning? It’s like a dream come true. Hannah Montana could be his very first crush! Ah, they grow up so fast. 🙂

  2. Pk

    I found you via Dr. Rob here and who do I see commenting on your blog …but my very good and dear friend Ms. Atypicalgirl!!! HIYA!!

    What a small world this is!!!

    I’m soo very glad my boys are 16 & 18 and past the disney radio stage!!!!

  3. Wow, PK, we can have a reunion right here on Phil’s blog. 🙂 Dr. Monroe was one of my favorite seminary professors.

    Speaking of Hannah Montana, there’s an open casting call on April 6 for folks of ALL AGES to be in the new HM movie that’s being filmed in Nashville. Come on, Phil, you can be Super Dad. Just pack the family in the car and head to the Music City (and don’t forget to blast Radio Disney the whole way there!)

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