Read the fine print!

I’ve been needing a new PDA or electronic scheduler as I need to be able to return client calls and schedule appts away from my laptop. A friend told me about the TMobile Dash that has a full keypad (for people with fingers the size of toothpicks). Since I have TMobile I thought the cost was reasonable: get a new phone, give mine to my wife since her’s is broken and barely holding together.

Price for this phone? $99.

But read the fine print. It’s $99. if (a) you upgrade your contract for another 2 years, (b) pay $18. for the privilege of another (unwanted) 2 year contract, (c) purchase the add-on access to email or internet (additional monthly cost!), and (d) then wait 6 weeks for a visa card to come that can only be used where pre-paid cards are allowed, OR use it to by more things from TMobile.

What a racket!

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One response to “Read the fine print!

  1. Scott Knapp, MS

    I think they count on our society’s lust for all things electronica to make us willing dupes who’ll pay any additional fee just to get our fix! It seems the real “draw” of the advertising deceptively is not really the supposed advantage of increased productivity or ease of use…it’s what others will think of us when the see us using the product (envy)! I remember clearly an anecdotal incident which occurred almost 15 years ago at a company picnic I was attending one summer. This was back when hand-held cell phones were just beginning to appear on the market. All of us were seated under a big tent delighting on our burgers and potato salad, and someone’s cell phone went off. The woman stood up, proudly pulled the “brick” out of her purse, and proceeded to have an animated conversation with someone she was in sheer delight to be speaking with, as if to say “Oh, thank you so much for giving me a reason to announce to everyone here I’ve got a cell phone!” I think she had no idea how pathetically ridiculous she looked at that moment! ***This message sent by Scott’s Blackberry***

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