Retreating to the bay

The Biblical faculty are spending the next 3 days at Sandy Cove in MD for a retreat to discuss where we’ve been and where we’re going. Of particular focus is the next steps in racial reconciliation and how our curriculum will continue to change. Should be good. That said, I’ll probably not have much here until Friday as I hope to spend some time walking on the shore.

Sandy Cove Ministries


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5 responses to “Retreating to the bay

  1. Amy

    Awww! My family used to go there every summer when was a kid. Have fun!

  2. judi lemay-lusk

    sounds like a perfect plan to me, phil! hope you have a wonderful and productive time away.

  3. Lynn


    Any chance you’ll be writing something on grief? e.g. whether there is a “right way to grieve”?, etc.


  4. Lynn,

    I might do something this summer on a similar topic: closure (and why its not something we usually get).


  5. Lynn


    I look forward to reading your articles on grief.

    Another topic I hope you will consider writing on is self-harm.


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