Coffeemate update

On May 2, I wrote about the coffeemate stains my son made in the driveway that had then lasted for 10 days. Here’s the story should you want that info:

Well, I noticed that I can still see the droplets though they are fading away. We are closing in on 3 months of sun, rain, and hose blasting. Maybe it would make a good paint for my dormers.


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3 responses to “Coffeemate update

  1. judi lemay-lusk

    good grief, that is terribly scary, phil! i am a half and half purist, i’m afraid, but hereby swear i will never put coffeemate or any of its off shoots in my coffee again!!
    you should probably take a picture of your driveway and send it and a letter to the people who make it and ask, what in the world is in this stuff that would do this? but then again, they’d probably send you a whole crate of free coffeemate…never mind 🙂


  2. But then I could paint my house with it!

  3. judi lemay-lusk

    true…but then the question would be…do you really want to do that???!

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