I hate waiting. Does anyone like it? When you are waiting for 15 minutes to pass so you can do something else, doesn’t it seem like a long time (unless you do a good job distracting yourself)?

Right now, I’m waiting for a phone call from a transmission shop. We think our transmission went over the weekend. Had to leave the car 1.5 hours from home and rent another to get home. The guy said he’d call yesterday after lunch. He didn’t. I finally called at 4:30 pm. He would get to it before “they guys left for the day” and give me a call then. He didn’t. So, now its the next mid morning and I’m still waiting and growing impatient as  the minutes tick by. I want to know the damage and I want to know it NOW!

How long did Abraham have to wait for his promise to be fulfilled that he would have a son with Sarai? How long did Joseph have to wait for his dreams to be fulfilled? David, for his annointing as king to become a reality? Israel, for the promised messiah?

I’m sure there is something to be learned in waiting. Frankly, I’m not always sure I want to learn it. But for the moment, I’m going to try. I’m going to learn that this is not heaven, that I am not God, that he has given me many other blessings that I have failed to thank him for, that perseverence is sanctifying me, as opportunity to pray for the less fortunate…

Lord help me accept your time table.

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  1. PSmith

    On situations like you describe, I vote for the persistent widow approach. :o)

    It strikes me that when promises are not kept, when people give us expectations of timing that they have no intention of abiding by, and when we use phrases like “I’ll try to make it” when we have no intention of being there, that it’s more a reminder of the sinful world in which we function and how important it is to strive for a balance of grace with accountability. I view it that while my experience wasn’t terrific, I have a responsibility to others to do what I can to make the next person’s experience a better one.

    I like to turn waiting into little games. When I finally get the information I wanted, I win! The game becomes what other tactic can I use that will get me closer to getting the information. In your situation: when should I time my next call? He said mid-morning: 9 a.m is midway between 6 a.m. and noon…. :o)

    Other types of waiting: When I’m in a line at the grocery store, I pick somebody as my competitor. My goal is to be out of the line before they are. I lose alot, but it makes the time more fun.

    On another type of waiting: I use a story in presentations of a guy who had to wait every day for a draw bridge opening in Clearwater. After three days of getting frustrated, he took a different tact on the fourth day. He packed fishing gear and began fishing off the bridge while he waited. I now carry a little bitty new testament and a Sudoku puzzle ripped from the newspaper for those times when I find myself waiting longer than I care to.

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