Characteristics of a competent counselor?

I’ve published another blog post on the Seminary’s faculty blog site. This time, I’ve written a bit on 7 characteristics of a competent counselor. Readers here may remember there was a famous book  by Jay Adams by the title, “Competent to  Counsel”. I’m not trying to compete with that title but rather to focus on the character of the counselor. Too often we worry about the beliefs of the counselor. While beliefs, assumptions, models are very important, they are secondary to the character of the counselor. Having the right model but unable to be kind is a counseling fail. Frankly, choose the kind and humble counselor over the “right” thinking counselor if you have to make the choice between the two. The humble counselor is more likely to keep out of the way of the Spirit’s work in your life.

What are the seven characteristics I look for in my students and that I hope I exude in increasing measure? Read on here.


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3 responses to “Characteristics of a competent counselor?

  1. Scott Knapp

    I think the title of Jay Adams’ book was “Competent to Counsel.”

  2. oops. Good catch on that typo. You are right on the title.

  3. aprilcairo

    Thanks for making this well-rounded list of how to assess the characteristics of a competant counsellor. I’m just new to therapy (MSW in progress) and can recognize my need to improve espeically in a few specific areas. I quite enjoy your blog.

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