Overheard at Society for Christian Psychology conf.

Sam Williams of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary likened the differences between Integrationist Christian Psychology and Biblical Counseling as the differences between Microsoft and Apple operating systems:

 Apple doesn’t get infected with viruses but doesn’t communicate well with the rest of the world (reads other things fine but keeps pure and to itself). Microsoft communicates (interacts) well with the world but catches a lot of viruses.

Probably more truth here than we admit. Neither comes off smelling too great in my estimation.


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2 responses to “Overheard at Society for Christian Psychology conf.

  1. It is so hard to strike a balance. But since the word says to keep ourselves seperate fromt he rest of the world, and also to kick the dust off of our sandals and move on to the next listener if one does not want to hear the gospel, I can only estimate that we must know how to help someone who comes our way… but also know when to move on and wait on the Lord for a better time with other folks. The rest of the time, wer’e supposed to be ‘being salt and light’ so the rest of the world can see that God is so good TO US, right?

    ps- I enjoy your blog so much, thanx for posting

  2. Stacey,

    Thanks for your comments. Salt and light suggests that we are winsome and yet remain true to God’s character. A friend of mine said, tongue in cheek, that death was a good thing because it probably would keep him from becoming a heretic. I think he meant that it is easy to lose one’s saltiness. Seems that we don’t do well in emulating Paul at the Areopagus: connecting and pointing. We tend to connect and forget to point or point and forget to connect.

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