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Voting with my kids

Took my 8 year old to vote today as I have done since he and his brother could walk. Usually, I am in the voting machine in about 3 minutes. Today, it took 40 minutes. My wife took my other son when we got back and it took them only 20. My 8 year old was about as excited as he could get. I think it helped having the long line. He saw neighbors and friend’s parents. He wanted to know what the folks were doing in trying to hand out R and D voting guides (in PA supporters are allowed to stand right by the door and try to influence your vote). He read the ballot and wanted to know who was this Ralph Nader guy and some Bob Barr on the ballot for president.

I confess he helped me push the vote button.


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The morality of changing political parties

For years I have felt like halfway between a Republican and a Democrat. Frankly, I don’t like much of the mainstay arguments in either party. I don’t like the scare tactics and self-focus of many Republicans and I don’t like the relativism and throw money at problems part of the Democratic party. When we lived in NH, I registered as an Independent and when I voted in the primary, I could vote either way and keep my status. Here in PA I have to choose. So, today I changed my status to Democrat so I could vote in the upcoming primary. I’d like to have a say and being a Republican means having no vote now that McCain has wrapped up his nomination.

So, is it okay to change for this reason? I think so. I don’t like it when folks change so they can vote against someone or vote for someone they think won’t be able to beat their true candidate. But it seems different if I change to vote and haven’t yet made up my mind.

What do you think?


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