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The morality of changing political parties

For years I have felt like halfway between a Republican and a Democrat. Frankly, I don’t like much of the mainstay arguments in either party. I don’t like the scare tactics and self-focus of many Republicans and I don’t like the relativism and throw money at problems part of the Democratic party. When we lived in NH, I registered as an Independent and when I voted in the primary, I could vote either way and keep my status. Here in PA I have to choose. So, today I changed my status to Democrat so I could vote in the upcoming primary. I’d like to have a say and being a Republican means having no vote now that McCain has wrapped up his nomination.

So, is it okay to change for this reason? I think so. I don’t like it when folks change so they can vote against someone or vote for someone they think won’t be able to beat their true candidate. But it seems different if I change to vote and haven’t yet made up my mind.

What do you think?


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