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Election Anxiety after November 8?

In a little more than 24 hours we should learn the identity of our next President of the United States (We hope; recall the hanging chads and drama of the 2000 election). And we hope we will be able to take a collective sigh and return to daily life without being bombarded by attack ads and new revelations about the character (or lack thereof) of the candidates.

It has, by every account, been an especially long and  difficult election season. We are tired. We want it over. But will the angst really disappear on Wednesday?

Probably not. But maybe you can do something about your own anxiety and distress.

  1. Detach from social media.
  2. Engage in a face-to-face conversation with a person about their history and future. Find out what excites or energizes them.
  3. Detach from the faux breaking news sites. If you want to look, look to stories that have depth of reporting and which avoid clickbait titles.
  4. Engage other important stories of our day, both here and beyond our borders.

Remember, your true safety does not come from a president or a king. Your future is truly in God’s hands. Do talk to him about your angst. Do ask him to intervene. But also listen and look for evidence that God’s kingdom is expanding. Look for where he has placed you “for such a time as this.”

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Voting with my kids

Took my 8 year old to vote today as I have done since he and his brother could walk. Usually, I am in the voting machine in about 3 minutes. Today, it took 40 minutes. My wife took my other son when we got back and it took them only 20. My 8 year old was about as excited as he could get. I think it helped having the long line. He saw neighbors and friend’s parents. He wanted to know what the folks were doing in trying to hand out R and D voting guides (in PA supporters are allowed to stand right by the door and try to influence your vote). He read the ballot and wanted to know who was this Ralph Nader guy and some Bob Barr on the ballot for president.

I confess he helped me push the vote button.


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