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Maintaining progress in counseling with short sessions

Ever felt that a 10 minute session every day might be more beneficial than a 1 hour session once a week? While a short session cannot dig very deep, it can keep a person on track. One of the frustrating things about counseling is the fact that a client may leave with direction and clarity only to return 7 to 21 days later with confusion. What seems clear in the office becomes foggy in real life. It isn’t that much different from learning a language or algebraic formulations. You think you have it then you try to apply it to a novel situation and you realize you don’t have it quite down.

The phone call session should be short, directed at problem-solving, remembering a previously learned solution, or improving hope and motivation to continue some difficult task. Consider this for marital discord. So easily conflicted couples stay cold and distant between episodes of conflict. Short sessions may help them remember to soften each day and be more inviting of non-conflict interactions.

There is some support for this kind of interaction, though not in therapy literature. The support comes from addiction quitlines. Those who call in and gain support are more likely to remain abstinent than those who try to do it on their own. Sadly, insurance companies do not support this kind of interaction (they do not cover phone sessions). They should, it would likely save money in the long run.


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