Funny how memory works

Went to log onto my Biblical Seminary course site from my laptop and somehow it no longer had my ID and password saved. Since it wasn’t one that I made myself I couldn’t remember either one. Called Eric, our registrar, for help. Wouldn’t you know it, both came back to me as I was talking to him and had fingers poised to type. I’m pretty certain my fingers remembered my password but not my brain. Now, technically, that isn’t true. What is more likely is that I had implicit memory of the password but not explicit recall. Something in the phone call made it come back to me. Ever had that happen? Weird.


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6 responses to “Funny how memory works

  1. Just last night, believe it or not….I was setting the back door alarm at the pregnancy resource clinic and my brain would not kick in for the code…I usually leave through the front door and set the alarm there, which is on the opposite wall than the unit at the back exit. So…..I turned around and pretended I was punching the code at the front exit. Came right to me.

  2. Lou Buses

    I vaguely remember something from my psychology/physiology classes three+ decades ago [obsolete now] called ‘kinetic memory’. Had something to do with dancing and motor skills but there was speculation that some memory was stored in the nervous system associated voluntary muscles. When I read of some amazing recovery from brain damage and the latest theories associated with a much wider distribution of memory over the brain that we originally thought, it doesn’t seem to be a great leap to the idea that some memory is distributed to the greater nervous system. There is certainly some interchange of information.

  3. penny

    do we ever think of the letters we are typing? my mind thinks of words and my fingers do the rest. not sure what that is called, but my typing teacher assured me it would eventually happen when I took the class in summer school over 40 years ago.

  4. Scott Alexander

    Ask any serious musician, singers and instrumentalists alike, about “muscle memory” and you’d have plenty of fodder for this conversation.

  5. I’m terrible with people’s names. And it seems the harder I try to remember them, the more “blockage” I get. Usually the only cure is to go about doing something else. And within a few minutes I’ll have an ‘aha’ moment and remember there names.

    That works great as long as you’re not talking to them. At that point it’s only awkward…. 🙂

  6. David Bonner

    I am 50 years old and have trouble retaining information. Lots of what I read I can’t remember. I have been reading fiction only for about 30 years. I understand the our brains work like a muscle. Can you suggest how to approach this? TV shows I can’t remember. I am looking at this from a biblical perspective. The Bible says that “the memory of the just is blessed”. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

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