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Counseling Liscensure Regulation Change in PA

As mentioned last week, the revision (Act 17) to the professional counseling licensing rules is now official. One change effects only a few while the other change benefits all who seek licensing from this point forward. Here are the two changes

  1. If you completed a MA degree (in a counseling related field) prior to 2009 that was less than 48 semester hours (or 72 quarter hours) but you also completed a total of 60 semester hours you can now apply for licensure.
    1. Example: You complete a 36 hour MA degree in 1991 but then go back and complete 24 more graduate hours in 2007-8. You are now eligible to apply for licensure
    2. Example: You complete a 36 hour MA degree in 1998 and did not do any further studies but NOW want to get the remaining work completed in 2012. You should inquire whether or not you have to complete all grad training before 2009 (this is only for those with less than 48 hour MA degrees). It would appear you wouldn’t be eligible
  2. Postgraduate supervised hours have been lowered from 3600 to 3000. This changes the number of required supervision hours and direct service hours as well.

For more information. Check out these FAQs for professional counselor license from the PA State Board.

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