Escape into humor: Who is your favorite author?

Sometimes, you just want to escape the world and enter someone else’s for the moment. Who are your favorite authors when it comes to the humorous escapes?

Pretty much anything by Bill Bryson.  A Walk in the Woods may be his best. When I read that book in bed, I would start snorting and waking my wife.

Peter Mayle’s books on Provence, France. Mayle has a way of describing the earthy people of this region that will cause you to bust a gut.

What are your favorites?


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4 responses to “Escape into humor: Who is your favorite author?

  1. Rick Houseknecht

    I like Bryson too. Especially enjoyed The Mother Tongue.

  2. The more humorous book I’ve read lately is MARLEY & ME by John Grogan (who lives in the same zip code as me!) The book is Grogan’s take on life with his yellow lab, Marley. But it’s also the look at the many changes that happen in a family’s life with Marley’s antics tying it all together.

    Liz Curtis-Higgs “girlfriend theology” books like Bad Girls of the Bible are written in a conversational and sometimes humorous manner. But then, wham!, you get hit with truth right in the heart. You don’t even see it coming!

    And, yes, I do read those Harry Potter books, which are full of amusing little side plots and happenings. They give me a good chuckle. In fact, they’re probably my favorite parts of the books–the little human touches apart from the major plot.

  3. Barb

    Well, at the risk of blowing my pseudo-intellectual grad school cover, I confess that I love reading Calvin & Hobbes cartoons with my 8 year old son!

  4. judi lemay-lusk

    you should talk to ron about snorting in bed! years ago, some friends of ours loaned ron ‘three men in a boat’ and said that the husband would read in bed and just literally shake the bed from laughing. ron did the same thing! it’s very british humor. i tried to read it but got a bit lost in it.

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