The addict in us all

Later this week, CCEF will hold their annual teaching conference in Valley Forge, PA. The theme this year is addictions. I have the pleasure of teaching on Friday along with their faculty/staff. Also teaching are Diane Langberg, John Freeman, Leslie Vernick and guest appearances by Mark Driscoll and music by the Gettys. Will have my slides up here after the conference. I will be outlining two main techniques useful in the early stages of counseling those struggling with addictions.

Should be a fun time. If you come, stop by the Biblical Seminary table to chat…


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4 responses to “The addict in us all

  1. Carmella

    As an Addictions counselor, I have to say I was excited to hear that this conference was happening. I have several colleagues who will be in attendance to learn more about the topic. And, since I could not make it, I am excited to hear that you will be posting the slides afterwards!
    Thank you!!

  2. This is such a timely topic of discussion. It seems like nearly everyone is addicted to one thing or another these days. I can’t wait to attend this conference so I can spread the good words that I hear.

  3. Carmella

    Hey Phil-

    I am interested in possibly being passed along some research articles and/or certain sources you have found particularly helpful on the topic of treating addictions. I am looking to possibly conduct some doctoral-level research on the efficacy of addictions treatment, and a holistic perspective on barriers to positive responses in treatment.

    Since you are particularly knowledgable in this area, being steered in any certain direction by you would be awesome.

    Thanks! -Carmella

  4. I’ll be live blogging the conference. For anyone who can’t make it, tune in:

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