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Movie suggestion: The Color of Freedom

Last night my wife and I watched “The Color of Freedom” (2007 movie starring Dennis Haysbert of 24). This is a movie about the true story of the relationship between a white South African guard and Nelson Mandela during 20 of his 31 years of imprisonment. The guard, James Gregory, is chosen to be around Mandela because he learned the tribal language (that Mandela speaks) as a boy playing with black children. The movie is definitely a must watch. Some of the accents are hard to understand at first and it is rated R for curse words but still a must watch in my book. The movie is based on the guard’s memoirs entitled, “Goodbye Bafana.”


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Favorite Psychologist in the media?

My Pennsylvania Psychologist came this week and is on psychology in the media. One article talked about the ways psychologists and therapists are portrayed in movies. I guess some are sensitive about the bad portrayal of some therapists and that it might stigmatize or put off the public from using our services.

So, what therapists in the movies or on TV are your favorite? Who is the most lifelike?

My personal favorite is Bob Newhart. Not for accuracy but for comedy.


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