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Case consultation by videoconference?

For my counselor readers…how interested would you be in participating in videoconferenced case consultations with an expert in your field for the purpose of discussing client cases with that expert? Bear in mind that this kind of activity would have to meet ethical guidelines (e.g., no identifying information about any clients could be revealed, clear distinction that this is consultation and not supervision, etc.), but would you be interested? Would something like this reduce your sense of isolation?  Consider answering the following questions:

1. Would you be interested in getting consultation for some of your cases via videoconference (private video exchange with an expert, such as skype or other service)?

2. Would you still be interested if the videoconference was a group of no more than 4 (and everyone got to present something)? If it was a group of about 10 and not everyone got to present but all got to participate in the discussion)

3. Would you be willing to pay for such a consultation? 

4. If yes to above questions, how frequently would you think you might use this type of service? Monthly? Quarterly? Other?

5. Finally, what questions or concerns does this idea raise for you?

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