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Guest Post at Society for Christian Psychology

www.christianpsych.org, the on-line home for the Society for Christian Psychology has posted a recent post of my own on their site and newsletter. You can find it here. Check out the rest of their site to find great full-length articles and journals. The Society is a division of AACC.

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3 Signs of Repentance Every Church Leader Should Learn

Regular readers will notice that I have posted little of late. The combination of too much to do at this point in the semester (2 weeks to go!) plus nothing much to say are the reasons why. However, I have a new post over at the faculty blog at www.biblical.edu. This post is a version of a short essay that I wrote for the AACC Christian Counseling Today magazine in 2006.

On regular occasions church leaders request consultations about complex pastoral cases in their churches. The most frequent consultation has to do with some form of abuse or offense by one parishioner against another. The offending party wants to be reconciled with the victim party but the victim party is hesitant if not downright refusing such reconciliation. In other situations, the church is trying to figure how long to discipline or restrict the parishioner. The big question is commonly,

“How do we know when [name] is really repentant?”

Here’s the problem with answering this question. The fruits of repentance are quite hard to distinguish from their counterfeits. Tears, words, and time are poor estimates of true repentance. However, there are some very good evidences of repentance. Click GRACE Repentance for my 3 signs every church leader should know.

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Check out these thoughts on christian hero worship

Check out this good read on our propensity to put certain Christian leaders on a pedestal. Cavman has some insights into this problem and a reminder to read widely.


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