Generational Trauma the theme for the 2018 Global Community of Practice

Each March, the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute hosts the Global Community of Practice. This year its theme is on the topic of Generational Trauma. We will have presentations about historic and generational trauma and the ways the church can be an agent of healing. Here is the official description

The 2018 Global Community of Practice Gathering will explore trauma
and healing through generations. You will hear from a wide range
of global speakers about how trauma gets passed down from one
generation to the next, infuses social structures, and results in unique
symptoms calling for unique responses. As always, we will focus on
how the Church (that’s you!) is helping

If you are interested in this topic, want to rub shoulders with those involved in trauma healing around the world, or want to get a taste of the trauma healing curriculum we use, register now.

When is it? March 13-15, 2018

Where is it? The American Bible Society headquarters at 101 N. Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA.

How do I find out more details? This link Registration flyer – COP Gathering will give you the details, show you the speakers and topics, and provide the link to register. Don’t delay. Last year we turned people away!

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One response to “Generational Trauma the theme for the 2018 Global Community of Practice

  1. Tom

    I watched “Unchained,” the ABS documentary on generational trauma. It was well done and gripping, so I hope your conference continues in that vein.

    Phil, I wonder if you can place the research and therapeutic context of the phrase “generational trauma?” It is a fairly new field in terms of empirical foundations, plus there’s some very weird takes on it using the barely understood idea of epigensis. I’ll refer you to two articles. One by Huffington Post, Generational Trauma: How we can Heal Ourselves through our Ancestors. The other, “Can trauma be passed to next generation through DNA” as found on PBS (2015), and UPLIFT (Jonathan Davis, 2016).

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