Job Opening: Director of the Graduate School of Counseling at BTS

Folks, most of you know I made a move from Directing the Graduate School of Counseling at Biblical Seminary to a new job at the American Bible Society. BTS is now advertising for my replacement: GSOC Director Ad 9-17 FINAL.  Please share this and pray that they find the right person capable of leading the counseling programs into their next area of growth. The MA counseling program, if I can say so myself, is top-notch and a rare find for those seeking both licensure and biblical-theological depth.


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2 responses to “Job Opening: Director of the Graduate School of Counseling at BTS

  1. Andrew

    Hi Dr. Monroe,
    I wish you all the best in your transition to ABS. I hope you are well. I’m grateful for my training at BTS and thankful for the guidance and teaching you provided. You’ll be missed for sure.

    In terms of finding the next director, can we give Eric Johnson a call?


  2. Emmanuel Biracyaza

    Dear Dr. Monroe Philip,
    I have pleasure to appreciate your big work of healing trauma allover the world. Really, the today’s world has the problem of trauma caused by many factors including biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors. Through you contributions, and ours this is the time to work so hard so that we heal traumatized people. Dear Monroe, I thank you so much due to your best transition to ABS that is why I wish you all the best. God is with you. He is assisting you. Through His abundant love you will achieve your goal and It has already being achieved! I need your further training. Be blessed!

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