Tuza 2.0: Day One

We arrived last night in Kigali after 24 hours of traveling. Yet, Solace Ministries Guest house provided an excellent rest (and a great meal).

Today, we started with church on Ndera hill. Well, actually we started with breakfast, my favorite meal in Rwanda: fruit, croissants, and coffee…with a view hard to beat. Church consisted of excellent singing, dancing ( the spirit can move my feet when I am here), testimonies, and choirs. Then, I preached from Jeremiah 29 about prospering in exile. Being translated is a different experience.

3.5 hours in total. It passes like an instant despite the hard benches. I imagine we could learn from Rwandans something about doing church.

After church we went to an elder’s home for lunch and then on to Baraka’s house for a visit. Got to get in her banana grove to see the trees up close and personal. After visiting with her, she took us to a residential home for street boys. 124 in residence. The young man showing us around is one of their first graduates. Fine young man. Many of the boys were on the street due to family violence or substance abuse. The organization has just hired a counselor ( herself a former orphan) just out of school. She has been working for 3 months to assess each child’s needs and to determine which ones will get services. She has no resources and said she greatly desires more training. While we were there we watched some outsiders teach the boys break dancing moves.

The day is ending back at Solace with a jam packed day on tap for tomorrow.

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  1. William J Monroe

    Good morning, Philip. Good to read your report of day one. As always, we prayed for you and your mission this morning. We are glad to be home again. Love you, Mom

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