Abuse in the Church DVD now available

This summer I taught a class, along with Boz Tchividjian, about the problem and response of abuse within the church. Our four main plenaries were filmed and are now available on a 2 DVD set distributed by Vision Video. You can purchase the DVDs here at 20% off the price that will be listed on Amazon (and if you use the above link Biblical Seminary makes a few more pennies!). We Abuse in the Churchcover topics such as

  • how to recognize common characteristics of predators
  • prevention strategies beyond background checks
  • why we fail to act on abuse allegations and what to do about it
  • ministry responses to victims and offenders

The class was well-received by students and church leaders alike. It could be a great tool to get conversations going among lay and ordained church leaders as well as counselors who may be helping a church ensure top-notch abuse prevention measures as well as strategies for responding in a Godly way to abuse allegations–a way that ensures that the least of these are protected in the church.

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