Mindfulness post over at www.biblical.edu

The faculty blog at Biblical Seminary has posted one of mine about mindfulness from a Christian perspective. Actually, it is a call to develop a theology of mindfulness–or what I prefer to call watchfulness. While you are there, check out some of the other postings by my colleagues.


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2 responses to “Mindfulness post over at www.biblical.edu

  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I am about to start a mindfulness practice (taught by a Christian therapist) so this is an interesting framework too consider. I think many ideas in mindfulness such as the focus in the present can be found in the bible. Once again modern science proving what God told us years ago.

  2. debbie

    Having learned a boat-load of anxiety-producing thinking growing up, I attended an 8 week mindfulness course about a year ago as a 53 year old adult. Though I did not agree with the Buddhist philosophy, I came away with great skills to cope in my day-to-day life. I saw these techniques harmonious with Biblical teaching as I sought to reinforce what I had learned in Scripture. I wish that someday someone would teach these things from a Christian perspective. Meditation is spoken of quite frequently in the Bible and, I believe, a lost art in today’s world.

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