PTSDland – By Anna Badkhen | Foreign Policy

Anna Badkhen asks, “How do you heal an entire country suffering from shell shock. She describes conditions in Afghanistan. You can see she asks a great question but labors, as we all do, to come up with an answer that makes sense in a place that is still unstable (and therefore still traumatizing) and that fits the cultural and economic realities of the region.

Check out this short essay,

PTSDland – By Anna Badkhen | Foreign Policy.


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2 responses to “PTSDland – By Anna Badkhen | Foreign Policy

  1. Tom

    For those of you who are serious about the cross-border, cross-cultural dimensions of trauma related care, the yearly meeting of the American Anthropological Association ( always has several sessions devoted to this topic. We meet in San Francisco this year – November 14-18. Presentations are interdisciplinary with psychologists and development specialists as well as anthropologists. You would be most welcome.

    • Tom, can’t come but thanks for sharing. Sounds like something I should do in the future. If you happen to see/hear some great papers, would love to hear about them.

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