Diane Langberg on 9/11 “heap” experience

I know, 9/11 remembrances have come and gone. However, this reflection from Diane Langberg speaks to the struggle of the workers on the “heap” and her experience with them while they were uncovering their colleagues who had died trying to save others. As usual, Diane has a way of seeing God in the midst of death.

Here’s the link.


Filed under Doctrine/Theology, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

2 responses to “Diane Langberg on 9/11 “heap” experience

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  2. judi

    Sometimes I wish i could take the ‘me’ of now and go back to when I was about 25. I’d do so many things differently, and one of them would have been to have had Diane as a role model. I would like to think my life would have been radically different than it was because I read her books or heard her speak or experienced her challenges. She never ceases to blow me away… she is truly God’s gift to a hurting world.

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