Sign up now for 3 great summer courses!

Biblical is now taking registrations for summer elective courses in counseling. We have 3 offerings (each 1 credit) you won’t want to miss!

  1. MAC712 A Healing in International Settings (ONLINE), July 1-31 2011 Summer Class Syllabus
  2. MAC713 A Christian Counseling in the Postmodern Context (ONLINE), August 1-31 CC in PM Context 2010 Syllabus
  3. MAC701 Forgiveness (IN PERSON), August 12-13

I teach the first course, I co-teach the second course with Dr. Richard Smith, and my colleague, Dr. Bryan Maier teaches the course on Forgiveness. The two on-line courses are designed to be done over 4 weeks with NO pre and post work. The “bite” of work is small since it is spread out. Dr. Maier’s course is one weekend and will require some pre and post work. Each of these courses can be audited (but later cannot be turned into credit)

Where to register?

  • First time students (or grads of other programs looking for some additional training:
  • Returning students/alumni:


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2 responses to “Sign up now for 3 great summer courses!

  1. Ryan Morrison

    These sound very interesting! What are the costs for each class?

  2. Students taking the course for credit pay $450 for each one credit course. Those who audit these courses pay 1/3 that rate or $150.

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