Deadly Sins of Professors?

Okay, since I made note of the sins of students, it is only fair to admit the sins of the teacher. But with so many, where to start?

1. Pride. Pontification is an easy sin. We want to be seen as wise and so we use our bully pulpit to “educate” even if we don’t have a clue what we are saying

2. Laziness. Using the same material each year and expecting it to be fresh and valuable as the day it was thought up

3. Defensiveness. Every critical statement made by students isn’t the result of their psychopathology. We screw up and ought to be able to admit it

4. Jealousy. We tear down our more prolific/famous colleagues because it makes us feel less of a failure.

Others teacher sins you can think of? Be gentle 🙂

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One response to “Deadly Sins of Professors?

  1. I guess you can call it bias, favoritism, partiality or simply being unjust. As a believer in a secular school, I have experienced a great deal of opposition from professors when I defended my faith and refused to accept or agree with their views. I recall a paper I wrote about family values. The professor was extremely offended by my views and admitted this when I confronted her for giving me a low score. She said I was wrong and my grade reflected her liberal opinion. Up to this point I was receiving a 4.0 in her class because all the work was scored objectively (exams, quizzes). So when I think about the sins of professors, this is the first thing I think of. I think it’s a serious sin and it concerns me because Christians are shut down and kept from sharing their points of view for fear of being punished and, as in some cases, kicked out of programs.

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