When is residential treatment an option for you or someone you love?

Harvest USA, a local Philadelphia ministry,  is just about ready to unveil a new booklet that will be available for purchase via download. I wrote this last year after trying to help someone consider whether or not residential care was necessary to address an ongoing battle with sexual addiction.  They sent me an advance hard copy to preview and so I’ve included a pic of the front page on this post. Sorry, I couldn’t provide a better, color shot.

As you might expect, when a sexual addiction is discovered, confusion reigns among the addict and the family. What should they do? What does it mean? Where can he/she go to get help? Strong emotions and the nature of the crisis may lead to quick decisions. Whereas one family wants to find the best, most intensive solution, another family may try to solve the problem “in-house” with accountability from the pastor.

This is a short booklet designed to help the reader cut through some of the confusion and answer 8 key questions to help them decide whether it is necessary to seek treatment in a residency setting. The booklet concludes with a list of books and short-term and residential programs around the country.

I’ll let you know when the e-version is available for download.


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3 responses to “When is residential treatment an option for you or someone you love?

  1. Ryan

    What a great introductory resource! A lot of the men I see come in (outpatient) for help with compulsive sexual behaviors, and it is very confusing for them to know what is “normal”, how problematic their behavior is, and what they should do about it. I can only imagine the level of confusion their spouses and other family members feel.

  2. Carm

    Can you let us know when this is available? I have a client currently who could really benefit from this- thank you for the resource!!

    • HarvestUSA now has my this booklet “Do I need to go away to deal with my sexual Addiction: When is residential treatment an option for your or someone you love?” up for sale on their website.

      This is a hardcopy purchase. They are still in the process of having a downloadable version of it. I’ll let you know when that comes out.

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